Rules for Pic-Roulette:

1. Go to your camera roll

2. Pick 6 random pictures

3. Add date and story behind

Note: If you pick a picture with people you might wanna ask them if it is okay to post it. And: Badass people pick blindfolded.

My Today’s picks:


January 23, 2023

Found this art magazine at my hairdressers. I was so hyped by the style that I took 14 pictures of 14 different pages. Forgot to take a picture of the cover. So now I don’t even know the name of it.


February 25, 2023

I screenshotted this Instagram Story of my favourite austrian artist, Anna Kohlweis, so that I won’t forget to go and see her exhibition. I did not, and it was fantastic.


March 7, 2023

Imagine you imagine your dream house on a dream spot. And then you see a musicvideo featuring exactly this spot and you realize, that it is a place that exists in reality - in your home state. It gets even weirder because the musicvideo actually contains a house too. I had to screenshot this. What a content nugget to be reminded about.


April 28, 2023

Walking by the danube channel I just thought, this could be a nice background for an mmm.page one day.


May 23, 2023

Look at this tree! It is huge! I lived next to this park for three years, was there nearly every day during pandemic times, but it was not until this day, that I realized how huge it is.


June 3, 2023

Finally Muse live! 20 years, worth the waiting. It was epic!

:) If you wanna play pic-roulette with me just grab a mmm.page and do it. Let me know via [email protected] and I’ll link your page.

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