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3 things I love about mmm.pages as a noteslover

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Spoiler: if you love pkm and being creative, this is the tool for you

it’s creative af

mmm is visual notetaking. It is dropping ideas, arranging them, adding some sparkles and then rearranging everything once more. The creativity flow is incredible.

It is open to all media. You can sketch, you can add gifs and stickers and videos and I had no clue, what one can do with some simple shapes (even if you just want to hide some sloppy parts).

You want to start with a moodboard? You are kinda into journaling? Need a portfolio or landing page? Love creating photo albums for your friends and family? Like to share your college notes? This is the colorful, crazy, flexible space you can do all of this.

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it’s easy publishing

Ever thought about publishing your notes? Say hello to „real time publishing“. If you like what you've noted, just hit publish and all the work is already done. mmm even provide a free domain. That's what I call a shortcut through the web development grind.

It’s a website!

Yet another notetaking dump? Au contraire. I plan

my mmm space to be the place where my favourite notes, and most loved contents I collected over time get their well deserved stage. Personal knowledge is precious and timeless, like yeah… a personal website you like to reread or quote.

And with some out-of-the-box-thinking, it is much more than a website. It’s a simple yet effective storytelling tool.


it’s co-created

I love how mmm is a project that is built together. Today it is a solid and easy-to-use website builder, but with the wip idea of a social layer this might be just the beginning of a new kind of social internet. The kind that I feel has been missing since the 90ies.

mmm's creator XH, has a vision, lots of charming ideas and is incredibly dedicated to push this thing to the next level, together with the community. Join the Discord and see for yourself.

And: When it’s all about the money (and sometimes it just is) even joining the affiliate program is as easy as adding a paypal adress. So spread the word, like I do and let’s empower this project to make the internet - and our notes - even greater.

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