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The following tools and apps help me generate my cool blogposts and notes. I have no human coworkers atm, so I owe them big time.


I use ChatGPT mainly to produce written content, like summaries and excerpts.

And it’s really cool to find less known apps and services. Since listicle marketing has taken over the internet ChatGPT is truly helpful for special search requests.


I love talking. Ask me anything about personal growth, consciousness or spirituality and I won’t stop talking. And I record what I say as memo, but I never knew what to do with all my audio stuff.

Then there comes Descript 😄 Even in the free version it offers some capacity to transcribe your videos and audios. And it is superfast.

It has a lot more to offer, please check out the product tour here

Source: Christine Parker & Co

This whole webspace is built with wouldn’t be possible without it. I love how blogging became fun again, I love how I can try new approaches and create each page totally different.

Did I already mention that I love Go and see for yourself.

Source: Christine Parker & Co


I just started using Soundcloud and the main reason is (to be honest), that the Soundcloud embed looks waaaay nicer than the Spotify embed. And it has some capacity for free uploads. Will test it some more and let you know.