23/12/05 Pasta e basta

I had the most awesome and impactful Yoga-Session ever today. My Yoga-Teacher said, we should close the session with good old journaling at home. So here we go. I do not intend to make this visible, but at least accessible and sometimes surprises happen. Like you try to mark a word and then you surprisingly discover that there is more to discover. Anyway. So I came home from my Yoga-Session and then I made a big pot of pasta 🍝 My boyfriend is asleep and snores, same as I left him this morning, and my neighbours are fighting over something minor in the same level of noisness. Also same as I left him this morning. I sometimes wonder if it is me or the people around me that are weird as fuck. Would never yell at my kids on a daily basis. Would never snore this loud without being ashamed to my bones. But anyway. Back to pasta. I love pasta. I could eat pasta on a daily basis. But Pasta steals my energy of life. It should be the opposite, but with Pasta, there is never enough. I eat the whole pot. If I would eat Pasta on a daily basis I would probably snore this loud as well. Or I would yell at my kids. Probably not. I should journal whatever comes to my mind on the topic of feminity, of my feminine side. Of being female, of feeling my feminine side. In my case, this has a lot to do with not thinking. Everytime I am not thinking, I am feeling quite feminine. That’s when I dance, or I exist under the shower, or I run, or I create. Then somehow I can shut down my brain and this helps a lot for feeling my Yingsi-Side. Maybe eating pasta does the same. If you are very silent, you might hear my boyfriend snoring. I don’t wanna make fun of him, I love him like I never loved before. I adore him. But when the snoring gets too loud my peaceful personality sometimes leaves my body. Schatzo, if you are reading this, I love you. But please get help. Excuse me, it is not me, it is my brain. My brain is always part of the party. I like it, it does a lot for me, but it had it’s time. Looking forward to my heart, my feelings and this little thing called soul to be a more important part of all of this. And of course Pasta. I feel I’ve had enough and everything is said. Here’s to you. So long, and thanks for all the Pasta.

My favourite Pasta recipe

Pasta with grilled Pomodorini 🍅

Prep your oven to 160 degrees celsius. Cut cherry tomatoes into halfs and put them with the cut side facing up on a baking tray. Cut garlic into thin slices and spread them over the tomatoe halfs. Add Rosemary and Sage leaves.

Salt the whole thing, put some pepper on, and then the best thing: Add a thin to medium layer of powdered sugar on top of everything.

It takes one hour for the tomatoes to braise and the sugar to caramelize.

In the meantime, roast some pine nuts in a buttered pan, medium heat, until they smell awesome and until they become brownish.

Cook the pasta al dente. Mix it with the pine nuts and the pomodorini out of the oven. A little touch of Olive Oil and Parmigiano (italian cheese). You may now enter Umamis paradise.

Source: Toppen Shopping Centre

500 g Pasta

500 g Cherry tomatoes

5 clove of garlic

10 leaves of Sage

3 stems of Rosemary

100 g Pine nuts

Butter, Salt, Pepper, Parmesan, Olive Oil